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Future Work

Here I discuss further improvements and directions for this work.

Multiple Breaks
Method 1 will preserve connectivity no matter how many breaks are made in the line. Method 2, on the other hand, depends on the propogation of a new gradient for each instance of a break. This means that for Method 2 to be able to handle multiple simultaneous breaks it must be able to handle multiple simultaneous gradients. This refinement should not be too difficult to implement, but will require some changes to the code.

Robust Endpoints
As currently implemented, Method 1 is dependent on the survival of both endpoints of a line for the survival of the line itself. It would be ideal if endpoints, as well as other segments of the line, could be made self-repairing.

More Complex Structures
So far, these methods only address the problem of maintaining a single line. More complex structures involving multiple lines and intersections will likely call for modifications to the two methods discussed here.

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