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Re: TP 760ED, Warp 4.0, DB/2 2.1, Performance Problem

On Thu, 12 Mar 1998 09:27:44 +0100, Gunnar_Berthelsen@nos.no wrote:

>We have a TP760, 64MB memory, 1,2GB disk. We're running WARP 4.0 and DB2
>2.1, EtherJet card is installed and running. We experiencing strange
>performance problems. The Disk lamp is on for long time intervals without
>any disk activity (also when not using DB2). An other equal TP does the
>same job in 1/10'th of the time. Anyone with any idea of what the cause
>could be.
Two posible problems:
1. disable the busmaster:
  recommended by IBM

2. Wrong sequence in mwave in config.sys. This can lead to very very
wait times for the disks. Default it is installed WRONG!


P.S. Uit is dutch for from.

   Uit:    ThinkPad General - Installation                    
                   instructions for PC Card Director          
                   This document is for the TP 365X/XD, 560/E,
                   760E/ED/EL/ELD/X/XD, and 765 series.       
      - Place $ICPMOS2.SYS above Mwave device drivers in  
        CONFIG.SYS if Mwave device drivers are installed and
        $ICPMOS2.SYS is located below them.

   Uit:   ThinkPad 760 - Installing PCMCIA Token                
                  Ring under OS/2               

        The following is a basic guideline from the ThinkPad
        of installation and available resources.                       

        1) Follow instructions for Installing Warp                     

        DO NOT INSTALL NETWORK SUPPORT                                 

        DO NOT INSTALL OS/2'S PCMCIA SUPPORT                           


        2) Install PC Card Director for OS/2. DO NOT CONFIGURE THE     

        TOKEN RING CARD IN AUTOCONFIGURATOR                            

        CD - Rom and other drive letter considerations:                

        PC Card director installation by default adds drive letters for

        Flash and SRAM storage device support with no GUI means of     


        This may change your CD ROM drive letter.                      

        On a Warp Connect preloaded image the necessary drives are     

        already REMmed.                                                

        At minimum - REM out                                           

        BASEDEV=PCM2ATA.ADD /S:2 /]DM /NOBEEP :Storage Driver          

        for OS/2 (ATA)                                                 

        Can also REM out                                               

        BASEDEV=OS2PCARD.DMD : Storage Driver for OS/2                 

        DEVICE=x:\THINKPAD\PCMSSDIF.SYS :Storage Driver for            

        OS/2 (Interface)                                               

        DEVICE=x:\THINKPAD\PCM2SRAM.SYS :Storage Driver for            

        OS/2 (SRAM)                                                    

        DEVICE=x:\THINKPAD\FLSH2MTD.SYS :Storage Driver for            

        OS/2 (FLASH MTD)                                               

        DEVICE=x:\THINKPAD\PCM2FLSH.SYS :Storage Driver for            

        OS/2 (FLASH)                                                   

      6) For Machines with MWAVE                                       
        - Adjust COM.SYS                                               

        At the end of the line \OS2\BOOT\COM.SYS add (2,2F8,3)         

        The (2,2f8,3) is necessary to allow OS/2's COM driver to pick
        the DSP modem,                                                 

        which is normally at COM2. If the DSP modem is set to COM1,    

        then use                                                       


        - Move the following line to the end of Config.sys or MWAVE may



        7. Install Network Support                                     
        Install software you are using for network support,            

        The following is for installing Warp Connect but may be used
        any platform.                                                  

        - Go to OS/2 System                                            

        - OS/2 Warp Connect Install/Remove                             

        - Warp Connect Selective Install for Networking                

        - Choose Advanced Installation                                 

        - Pick Protocol                                                

        - Configure the IBM PCMCIA Token Ring Adapter                  

        System Interrupt Level = 9                                     

        PCMCIA mode = YES                                              

        * Shared RAM address = D800                                    

        Default Ring Speed = 16 (if applicable)                        

        Shared RAM Size = 16                                           

        * Memory Mapped IO/ROM address = D000                          

        * These memory addresses SHOULD be used on PCI based           

        machines. Other addresses can be used but these have proven    


Uit:  ThinkPad General - Mwave 2.24 installation support
       for OS/2 Warp    

For successful coexistence with IBM TCP/IP, IBM LAN Requestor and/or
 Requestor for OS/2; all of the MMOS2 and Mwave drivers, with the
exception of the
 MWAVEVDD.SYS driver, should come after the TCP/IP lines in the

For CD audio on the 755CD/CDV and 760CD/ED to function, the Auxiliary
 must be running from the Mwave for OS/2 folder. This is not necessary
if the CD is
 set for Digital Transfer.    
Reinstallation of Mwave:                                               
 If the Mwave installation becomes damaged and fails to function
properly, it will be
 necessary to fully remove all Mwave AND Multimedia support prior to
 This is necessary to insure a clean reinstall of all features.        
 For OS/2 Warp:                                                        
 Edit the CONFIG.SYS and remove all references to \MWAVEOS2.           
 Do a Selective Uninstall of Multimedia support and delete the
Multimedia and        
 Mwave folders from the Desktop.                                       
 Shutdown and reboot the system.                                       
 Use the Drives object to remove the \MMOS2 and \MWAVEOS2
 Proceed with the installation as outlined above.                      
 WINOS2 Mwave support can be reinstalled independently of OS/2 support,
i.e. if      
 OS/2 Mwave support is working correctly, then it is not necessary to  
 remove/reinstall OS/2 support in order to reinstall WINOS2 support. In
 WINOS2 Mwave support does not need to be removed before it is


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