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Re: quasiquote limit cases

>    R5RS says:
>      ... If no commas appear within the <template>, the result of
>      evaluating `<template> is equivalent to the result of evaluating
>      '<template>.

The intent was clear to me, but I think this is misleading because it
says that the *results* are equivalent; the results are values, and
thus it's reasonable to wonder about which definition of value
equivalence the authors meant.

I suggest:

    If no commas appear within the <template>, the expression
    `<template> is equivalent to the expression '<template>.

It's shorter, and it's clear that one is discussing the equivalence of
expressions: equivalence of effect and value.

>When goodwill and common sense fail, use mathematics.

Oh, please don't.  RnRS is a much more approachable (and, in my
opinion, useful) document than the ML spec, even if the latter is more