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Re: exception systems

|   > In addition, perhaps VSCM and ML don't do this, but cwcc requires some
|   > additional context saving on top of whatever overhead the actual
|   > "stack" requires to preserve:
|   > 
|   > - interrupt blocking mask
|   > - dynamic wind context
|   Dynamic-wind is another thing that I really like to go and never come
|   back.

Gee, the complete opposite of what I think. :-)

Honestly, I can't imagine how you can manage side-effects without it.
Now wait, you don't believe in side-effects.  I see.  :-)

At any rate, dynamic-wind is not the only such item of information.
What happens with exception handling state in the presence of

I would not be surprised if the amount of state collected to make
continuations work in the presence of exception handling was not too
disimilar to the amount of state collected to make dynamic-wind work.