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Re: Considerations wrt official standardization

> Do I recall properly that someone is maintaining an ftp directory of 
> the current proposals for major additions to Scheme?  If so, where is 
> it? 

The Scheme Repository was created as a central location for all
activities and material of any kind that supports the language and
benefits its user community at large. To that end, It currently contains,
along with the revised report itself, a complete (so far as I can tell)
collection of macro proposals and their prototypes (I am awaiting more
up-to-date prototypes). The repository is far from being the best that
it can be, but it is appearently the largest such collection of
scheme-related material available anywhere.

The Scheme Repository is currently on nexus.yorku.ca [], a
stable back-bone system at York University, under pub/scheme. Although
the current access method is ftp, it is not difficult for me to provide
a mail-based access method as well.

The repository does have a writable directory (pub/scheme/new) for
uploading new material.

Since it appears that the repository is now widely known and accepted,
it would probably be an ideal location to store various proposals in text
and code form for R^nRS and future IEEE-related activities. [I would also
urge you to contribute the printable (.ps) versions of technical papers,
reports etc. so that new and interesting ideas can be shared with as
large an audience as possible.]

regards.	oz
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