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What's it all about, Alphie?

My 2000 mils (IMHO).

We need to work on high quality, portable programming environment(s)
for research, rapid prototyping, industrial development.  We have the
base line.   We have the pieces.  With some additions (below) we should
certainly leverage off the language work with usable environments.  It
would be a shame for Scheme to be eclipsed by poor languages with good

>      - Debating and working out ways to add major new blocks of
>        functionality to Scheme, such as macros, exception/condition
>        handling, modules, object-oriented programming constructs,
>        "industrial-strength" I/O, parallelism, etc.
>      - Watching the community of Scheme implementors for new,
>        valuable, and tested ideas that might merit "promotion" to
>        RnRS status, so that they would eventually become available in
>        "all" Schemes.
>      - Considering whether and how Scheme should change to have the
>        maximum impact on real-world programming.