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Multiple values for R4RS.

	From: ramsdell@linus.mitre.org
	Maybe there is enough consensus to allow agreement on the
	non-controversial aspects of multiple values for R4RS.  What do people
	think about adding only VALUES and APPLY-VALUES?

I'd take this, or VALUES and WITH-VALUES.

    From: jinx%hpesogg@sde.hp.COM
    I don't think they are worth adding if ACCEPTS? is not included as
    well. ...

This is an extreme position.  The proposed functionality is
useful even in the absence of ACCEPTS?  

    From: Morris Katz <mkatz@sesame.stanford.edu>
    In the past, Jinx has given a cogent argument as to why the 
    procedure arity is important ...

I remain unconvinced.  As a user, I have found multiple values
(without ACCEPTS?) quite useful.  So, I don't think ACCEPTS? provides
super-essential functionality.  As an implementor, I would prefer not
to be committed to keeping around arity information for every