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R3.99RS issues (macros in R4RS)

   Date: Tue, 8 Aug 89 09:56:26 PDT
   From: Mike Shaff <shaff@sesame.stanford.edu>


   Will>The plan is for the R4RS (but not the R3.99RS) will have an appendix that
   Will>describes (at least) two incompatible macro proposals and the issues that
   Will>have prevented them from being resolved; this should be the only
   Will>substantial difference between the R3.99RS and the R4RS.

   I am in strong disagreement with the inclusion of two appendices, as the net
   effect will be an unfair evaluation of the issues by the user community.
   Syntactic closures without a user interface will not be 'user friendly', but I
   believe addresses the issues that are important.  Extend-syntax has many nice
   properties, but does NOT address the issues that are important to me.  I can
   not believe that a compromise is not attainable by the macro committee.  I
   implore the committee and other interested parties to resolve this divisive

   To make the point totally clear I believe that R4RS should NOT be issued until
   this issue is resolved with ONE decision.

Hear, hear!