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t and nil

I support Will's suggestion to not specify whether the empty list
counts as true or as false.  I think now is the time for making
(not '()) ==> #f.

On another subject, I would like to see that the variables T and NIL
not be treated specially.  In particular, a user should be able to

		(let ((t '#f)) t) ==> #f

I like using a local variable named "T".  Experience shows that it is
not portable to do so.  I think it should be.

I'm not sure why the standard suggests that T and NIL may have initial
values.  Those writing portable code which uses T and NIL should start
there code with

	(define t '#t)
	(define nil '())

I suggest r^xrs drop any reference to the variables T and NIL.  Let T
and NIL be special only in that they have the same name as some Lisp