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meeting dates/times

I have heard from very few of you.  Please let me know if you are planning
to attend and whether you have any conflicts.

Two different possibilities are being considered:

    A. Saturday - Sunday, 27-28 June.

    B. Thursday - Friday, 2-3 July.

So far, the only person who has reported a definite conflict is Dan
Friedman, who absolutely can't make it before July 1.

Other data:

    - Mitch Wand would prefer not to meet on Saturday.

    - Kent Pitman would prefer not to meet Monday-Friday, but does not
    have a definite conflict.

    - Friday the 3rd might be difficult for Norman Adams due to approach
    of 4th of July.

    - Kent Pitman and Bill Rozas have suggested that the approach of the
    4th might present problems for some people; I would encourage such
    people to speak up now.

I am inclined now to suggest that we meet Thursday-Friday so that we can
accomodate Mitch and Dan.

Please reply with your preferences if you have not done so already.
If you are mute you will be ignored.