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/**** iuvax:scheme-rrrs / iuvax!wagle / 12:50 am  Apr  2, 1986 ****/
> iuvax:scheme-rrrs / iuvax!JINX%OZ.AI.MIT.EDU@xx.lcs / 11:41 pm  Apr  1, 1986
> As you probably know by now, there is a feature that I REALLY dislike about
> LETREC (REC), namely that LETREC allows non-lambda expressions in the
> binding list.  I would like to make this optional and make the standard
> allow only lambda expressions.  Is there a lot of opposition to this?
> ...

  LAMBDA expressions aren't the only expressions to return closures.  Except
for trivial cases, there is no way to know at compile-time whether or not an
expression is going to return a closure or not.  I definitely demand that I
be allowed to use "function constructors" in the RHS of letrec bindings
(that is functions that return functions).

Perry Wagle, Indiana University, Bloomington Indiana.
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