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expansion of LETREC

I have some misgivings about your solution number (3), involving
CALL-WITH-UNINITIALIZED-PARAMETERS: what would it mean to apply this to
a procedure of the form (LAMBDA (X . Y) ...)?  Also, I am not entirely
sure I am ecstatic about supplying a procedure such as C-W-U-P for
people to use directly -- I guess my concern is more that I see no
utility for it other than as an expository device for explaining LETREC,
rather than as something people might want to use explicitly.  Finally,
I think there might be some resistance to defining LETREC in terms of a
side-effect primitive such as SET!, even if such a definition is
possible, but I guess I can let the people who would resist speak for

If you use it, how about APPLY-TO-UNINITIALIZED-VALUES as an alternative
name?							-b.