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Case Sensitivity

I am most concerned about the system taking a mixed-case program
and printing it all in one case (e.g., during debugging, editing
or pretty-printing).  I would be willing (with reluctance) to
allow systems to treat HitMe and HITME as the same identifier.
It is not impossible to have a system that retains symbols as
the user types them yet treats two symbols differing only in
case as the same identifier, it is just difficult and probably
not worth the effort.

Unless I have convinced everyone to be case-sensitive, I would
like the RRRS not to specify one way or another.  I prefer the
first of Jonathan's solutions:

    1. It's OK to write it, but only programs (and data files) which don't
    care one way or the other (using lower case for the things in the
    manual, and don't depend on EITHER (eq? 'foo 'Foo) or (not (eq? 'foo
    'Foo))), will be portable.