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Draft of R.R. Report

	I agree that #!NULL is unnecessary, but I don't agree that
#!FALSE, etc should be quoted or that they should be bound to
variables if used often.  How come you don't ask for 0 to be quoted or
bound to a variable if used often?

	RECURSE has the same bug that ITERATE has.  The name implies a
certain behaviour which the process it develops may not conform to.  In
particular, I usually use named let for loops, but I also use it for
recursive procedures.  The advantage of named let is that its name has
no connotations, and that it reduces the number of "reserved"

	How am I supposed to define things if both DEFINE! and DEFINE
go away?

	While I agree that CELLs are nice, why are they neccesary?
They can easily be emulated with pairs, and any implementation which
really uses them can support them optionally.