6.837 Assignments

The assignments are linked off the Course Calendar page.

Programming Environment

The assignments in 6.837 involve a significant amount of C++ programming. The primary supported platform will be Linux, and we will provide sample Makefiles compatible with the Athena Linux environment. (Make sure you're sitting at a Linux machine and not a Sun machine). You can also submit code compiled for Windows, but you are on your own in terms of finding a development environment.

How to Submit Assignments

You will submit all of your source code files (ending in .h or .C) as well as the compiled program (with no extension, or ending in .exe) -- either a Linux or Windows executable. Please also include a README.txt file describing:

If you've added any new features, please include your test cases, or the appropriate command line that will demonstrate the extension. To glue all of your files together for submission, use tar and gzip (or equivalent). On linux, to tar and zip up all of the files in a subdirectory assignment1, type:

   tar -cvzf assignment1.tar.gz assignment1

To submit your project electronically, use the stellar utility. Before you are able to use this tool, you must obtain your MIT personal certificate. If you have trouble submitting your assignment with stellar, attach the assignment to an e-mail message addressed to 6.837-ta@graphics.csail.mit.edu.

Collaboration Policy

We encourage you to discuss the assignments with other students in the class. (Please acknowledge your collaborators in your README.txt file). However each student is responsible for implementing the assignment on his/her own. You may assist each other in debugging, but this should absolutely not involve "cutting and pasting" code. Likewise, consulting the assignment solutions of students from previous terms is not allowed.

Assignment Late Policy

Assignments are due on Wednesday evenings at 11:59pm, submitted electronically. Late assignments will be penalized 25% per day, and will not be graded if submitted more than 3 days late. Extensions will only be considered if requested a full week before the due date. Please note that many of the assignments are cumulative and it is often necessary to have completed the majority of the previous week's assignment to begin the current assignment. So manage your time wisely.

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