MD6 Report

The full MD6 report describes the operation of the MD6 hash algorithm, analyzes its security, and presents the running time of various implementations. This document was submitted to NIST as part of the MD6 submission package.

2009-2-21: Some figures were accidentally left out of the revised report. We have updated the posted report to include the missing figures.

2009-1-15: The report was slightly revised to correct some typos and awkward wording. See the changelist for more details.

2009-04-15: A very minor typo was corrected on page 86 of the report.

Crypto '08 Slides

These slides are from an invited talk Professor Rivest gave during Crypto '08. They provide a high-level overview of the MD6 hash function.

Crutchfield's thesis

This is the Master's thesis of Christopher Crutchfield, entitled "Security Proofs for the MD6 Mode of Operation,".