LearnCoil-Histidine Kinase Scoring Form

The LearnCoil program has been used to analyze possible coiled-coil-like domains in histidine kinase receptors. This work is described in:

  Mona Singh, Bonnie Berger,  Peter S. Kim, 
  James Berger and Andrea Cochran. 

"Computational Learning Reveals Coiled Coil-Like Motifs in Histidine Kinase Linker Domains,"

Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA, volume 95, number 6, pages 2738-2743, March 1998.

Use the form below to evaluate sequences with the histidine kinase probability table learned by LearnCoil. The LearnCoil histidine kinase table is not designed for general coiled coil prediction. For coiled coil prediction, please use the PairCoil or MultiCoil programs.

When using the Learncoil-Histidine Kinase program in your research, please cite the paper listed above. For questions about the computational method, send mail to us at: learncoil@csail.mit.edu. For questions about histidine kinase receptors, as well as requests for the histidine kinase sequences LearnCoil iterated on, please contact Andrea Cochran at: andrea@gene.com. Click here to visit the Kim Lab web page.

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