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Principal Investigators

John W. Fisher IIIJohn W. Fisher III

I run the Sensing, Learning and Inference group. I am a Senior Research Scientist at MIT in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Postdoctoral Scholars

Jason PachecoJason Pacheco

I am interested in developing graphical models and approximate inference for applications involving complex spatio-temporal processes and physical systems. In particular I am interested in efficient variational approaches which can be applied to a broader class of models than traditional methods. My application interests span many domains including computer vision, computational biology, brain computer interfaces and signal processing. Before joining SLI I completed my PhD at Brown University with Erik Sudderth (2016).

Guy RosmanGuy Rosman

My main academic interests lie in optimization and statistics techniques to ML problems in 3D scene reconstruction and analysis. In addition, I explore fast optimization approaches for variational problems. I have done my PhD at the CS Dept., Technion (2013) before coming to CSAIL.

Graduate Students

Randi CabezasRandi Cabezas

I am a PhD student working with John Fisher; my current research focuses on 3D reconstructions, primarily from multi-modal data. Before coming to MIT, I received a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from Florida International University.

Rujian ChenRujian Chen

I am a Phd student working with John Fisher in the Sensing, Learning and Inference lab. My interests lie in developing Bayesian modeling and inference methods applied to complex physical processes. Prior to joining MIT, I received my BA and MEng from Cambridge University.

Christopher L. DeanChristopher L. Dean

I received my Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from The Ohio State University in December 2012 and interned at MIT Lincoln Laboratory prior to joining SLI in September 2013. I am currently in the PhD program at MIT and my research interests include machine learning and statistical inference.

David S. HaydenDavid S. Hayden

I am a PhD student at MIT in the Sensing, Learning and Inference (SLI) group under the supervision of John Fisher. My interests are in modelling and predicting interactions among time-series (such as social interactions in videos) via machine learning and computer vision approaches. Applications of special interest include video understanding, human/animal behavioral modeling, wearable computing, assistive technology, social media and finance.

Vadim S. SmolyakovVadim S. Smolyakov

My research interests are in the area of statistical inference and machine learning in application to computer vision. Before coming to MIT, I completed my undergraduate degree in Engineering Science at the University of Toronto.

Julian StraubJulian Straub

After graduating from the Technical University of Munich and the Georgia Institute of Technology, I joined MIT to pursue a PhD in Computer Science. As a robotics enthusiast, my research is at the intersection of computer vision, inference and machine learning to improve robot perception. Specifically, I develop Bayesian nonparametric models and efficient inference methods targeting flexible and adaptive environment perception from massively streaming sensor data.

Sue ZhengSue Zheng

I am a PhD candidate in John Fisher's group. I received my M.Eng in 2007 from MIT, worked in industry for a few years, and came back for more!

Undergraduate Students

Hyun Sub HwangHyun Sub Hwang

I am a SuperUROP student in John Fisher's group. I am a senior majoring in EECS and Mathematics at MIT.

Past Postdoctoral Scholars

Oren Freifeld Faculty member at Ben-Gurion University
Qiang Liu Assistant Professor at Dartmouth College
Hossein Mobahi Research Scientist at Google

Past Graduate Students

Biswajit Bose Geoscientist at Royal Dutch Shell
Jason Chang Software Engineer at Google
Zoran Dzunic Data Scientist at Microsoft
Emily B. Fox Faculty member University of Washington
Alex Ihler Faculty member in the Information & Computer Science Dept., UC Irvine
Bonny Jain Quantitative Researcher at Radix Trading
Corey Kemper Medical Imaging scientist at MedRad
Junmo Kim Faculty member in the Electrical Engineering Dept., KAIST
Dahua Lin Faculty member at the Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
Dana A. Mastin Ph.D. Candidate in LIDS at MIT
Josh Migdal Computer Vision scientist at StopLift
Giorgos Papachristoudis Associate at Goldman Sachs
Aurora Schmidt Ph.D. Student at CMU with Jose Moura
Michael R. Siracusa Computer Vision scientist at Rethink Robotics
Kush R. Varshney Post-doctoral Researcher at IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Jason L. Williams Research Scientist with the Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation

Past Visiting Students

Maros Blaha Grad Student at ETH

Past MEng Students

Aryan Khojandi Software Developer at Celect
Yixin Li
Angel Yu