Recent News

Mar 02, 2016 - CVPR '16 paper accepted (Oral Presentation)
Work by Guy Rosman, Daniella Rus, and John W. Fisher III on "Information-Driven Adaptive Structured-Light Scanners" was accepted to CVPR 2016 as an oral presentation. Also congratulations to Guy Rosman on another CPVR '16 paper he co-authored (Or-El et al., "Real-Time Depth Refinement for Specular Objects").

Dec 22, 2015 - AISTATS '16 Paper Accepted (Oral Presentation)
Work by Søren Hauberg, Oren Freifeld, Anders Boesen Lindbo Larsen, John W. Fisher III, and Lars Kai Hansen proposing "Class-dependent Distributions over Diffeomorphisms for Learned Data Augmentation" was accepted as an oral presentation to AISTATS '16.

Sept 08, 2015 - Two NIPS '15 papers accepted.
More details coming up soon.

Sept 01, 2015 - Two ICCV '15 papers accepted.
The paper "Semantically-Aware Aerial Reconstruction from Multi-Modal Data", by Randi Cabezas, Julian Straub and John W. Fisher III, and the paper "Highly-Expressive Spaces of Well-Behaved Transformations: Keeping it Simple", by Oren Freifeld, Søren Hauberg, Kayhan Batmanghelich and John W. Fisher III, were accepted to ICCV '15.

About SLI

Our group focuses on the analysis of complex, high-dimensional data. We combine elements of Bayesian inference, information theory, optimization, and physical sensor models to develop scalable algorithms with theoretical performance guarantees. Application areas include multi-modal data fusion, distributed inference under resource constraints, structural inference, resource management in sensor networks, and analysis of video, seismic volumes, and radar images.

Group Dinner - 05/20/2014
Left to Right: Oren Freifeld, Sue Zheng, Giorgos Papachristoudis, Guy Rosman, Christopher Dean, Jason Chang, Julian Straub, Randi Cabezas, John Fisher, Hossein Mobahi, Bonny Jain.