Recent News

Nov 29, 2016 - TPAMI paper accepted.
Work by Oren Freifeld, Soren Hauberg, Kayhan Batmanghelich, and John Fisher W. Fisher III on "Transformations Based on Continuous Piecewise-Affine Velocity Fields" was accepted to TPAMI.

Mar 02, 2016 - CVPR '16 paper accepted (Oral Presentation)
Work by Guy Rosman, Daniella Rus, and John W. Fisher III on "Information-Driven Adaptive Structured-Light Scanners" was accepted to CVPR 2016 as an oral presentation. Also congratulations to Guy Rosman on another CPVR '16 paper he co-authored (Or-El et al., "Real-Time Depth Refinement for Specular Objects").

About SLI

Our group focuses on the analysis of complex, high-dimensional data. We combine elements of Bayesian inference, information theory, optimization, and physical sensor models to develop scalable algorithms with theoretical performance guarantees. Application areas include multi-modal data fusion, distributed inference under resource constraints, structural inference, resource management in sensor networks, and analysis of video, seismic volumes, and radar images.

Group Dinner - 05/20/2014
Left to Right: Oren Freifeld, Sue Zheng, Giorgos Papachristoudis, Guy Rosman, Christopher Dean, Jason Chang, Julian Straub, Randi Cabezas, John Fisher, Hossein Mobahi, Bonny Jain.