Medical Computer Vision 2010          

Recognition Techniques and Applications in Medical Imaging

Workshop @ MICCAI 2010 | September 20, 2010



The proceedings of the workshop will be published in the

Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series.

The LNCS volume will be published after the workshop as post-workshop proceedings. The authors will be given the chance to revise the paper following the discussions during the workshop. We will provide one printed copy of the workshop proceedings for each accepted paper, and will send it to one of the authors in December.

Proceedings will be made available electronically to all workshop participants during the workshop.

Online paper submission

Please submit the papers electronically via the

Submission system.

Paper format

Papers should be formated using the LNCS style files and should be no longer than 10 pages.

Parallel Submissions

Submitted work has to be original, not identically submitted in parallel to other conferences or workshops. We accept papers that further detail on algorithms also validated in the MICCAI challenge workshops. We ask authors to reference the challange contribution explicitely.

Review process

The review of the papers will be double-blind. Submissions should be anonymous according to the MICCAI guidelines.

Previous MICCAI submissions

If desired authors can upload the MICCAI reviews and rebuttal to be considered by the workshop chairs.

Patent disclosure policy

Attendees of the workshop and readers of the proceedings might be interested

in implementing and using the presented methods. However, restrictions on

their general usability apply - even for research and non-for profit

applications - if patents are filed or are to be filed on those methods.

So, as a courtesy to the audience of this workshop, we ask the authors to

disclose existing or pending patents on methods presented during the

workshop. This information should be included in a separate section at the

end of text in the final ('camera-ready') version of the manuscript, and it

will be printed in the proceedings in order to help your readers to make

informed decisions.