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Mightier: Computer Game with Paper UI

January 6th, 2009

At first glance, Mightier is just a regular platform game. You jump around a level, solving puzzles and collecting items. The twist is that you can create your own level with a pen and paper. You print out a grid representing the game world and draw shapes to create platforms. Then you use a webcam to scan the sheet of paper back into the game, where a laser promptly cuts out the level you just drew. You can also use this technique to design new characters and bring them to life in game.

If you’re too lazy (as I would be) to do all this printing and drawing, the game has a mouse drawing interface too. It isn’t clear that you lose anything by using the mouse besides, perhaps, the novelty factor. Still, incorporating paper and drawing into a computer game is an interesting idea and one that might find applications elsewhere.

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