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IAP Interaction Design Class

October 30th, 2008

We are planning a class of interaction design during IAP 2009. This would be a project-oriented course that  focuses on designing components and teaches how to brainstorming, sketching ideas , and prototyping. The class requires not only brainstorming but also “bodystorming”, which means you have to interact with your team members and get your ideas done. We may teach how to use some prototyping techniques, such as paper prototyping, video prototyping, and Flash or other web prototyping tools.

It would be a four-week long course, and would have 2 small projects and 1 final project. The two main tracks of it are prototyping and brainstorming. To fill the gap to the course 6.831, User Interface Design and Implementation, it would be designed as a supplement to 6.831. We hope every student can learn how to turn ideas into real stuff and get feedback quickly after this class.

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