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Microsoft Research’s Social Desktop

February 28th, 2009

What does it mean for your desktop to be social?  To Microsoft this means files and folders on your desktop having URI that can be accessed online by anyone.  This means you can blog about your spreadsheets! (check out the SUM of E:19 to F:37) or anything else on your hard drive.  Other people can go and tag or comment on your photos and videos.

Social Desktop sounds extraordinarily useful but there’s lots to be worried about too. We all know that this is going to lead to many “Oh shit” moments, when people didn’t realize what they were making public.  Right now, however, there’s nothing to worry about - you can’t get Social Desktop.  It’s a research prototype and no, it’s not a feature of Windows 7.

- hmslydia

  1. NanZy
    April 21st, 2009 at 05:40 | #1

    I think now the word “social” is the same with the word “green tea” when it was booming in asia many years ago, everything was mixed with green tea flavour- cigarette, lotion, shampoo and etc.

    Social Desktop? yes.. it sounds extraordinarily useful. Even though I already got too many social networkings, I am gonna try one more, Social Desktop…hahaha ;)


  2. September 12th, 2009 at 04:23 | #2

    What this does is to modify file sharing by cuting down one step.

    User -> uploads files to box.net -> set sharing options with the world (make it public)

    User -> set sharing options with the world.

    The point is that there is no monetary motivation for this unless I can count traffic to my files just the way I can count traffic to my blog or site, so I could expose a file sharing page (i think this is possible on mac) of all files shared from my PC with tags annotations and comments by others. Then may be I could stick ads on my ‘public face’ page that also shows files I have to share. This was possible with P2p tools like Winmx where you could see other files shared by a particular userid, but a user need to have signed up to winmx first, rather than just anonymously reaching a page where files are shared WITHOUT first uploading them to an intermediate web space. Something like social storage (wuala.com) but the url would be public. Think of it as an extension of a google profile page (example mine is at google.com/profiles/marun2) where I could be able to add a dynamic display of files being shared from my system - I have lot of ebooks that I never have the time to read which I could then make available to the world reaching through http, it would be like running a spare file server with directoryindex page but even non technical people coul dbe able to do it.

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