The User Interface Design group develops and studies new user interface techniques, primarily focusing on the following areas.

Online education (more projects)

helping crowds teach each other


OverCode is a system for visualizing and exploring thousands of solutions to a programming problem. OverCode uses both static and dynamic analysis to cluster similar solutions, and lets instructors further filter and cluster solutions based on different criteria.


LectureScape leverages thousands of learners' interaction history data with lecture videos to add the 2D, non-linear timeline, enhanced in-video search, and visual highlights to the video player.

Software development (more projects)

making professional programmers more productive by designing tools with appropriate user interfaces.


Theseus is a new type of JavaScript debugger that makes dynamic information visible in the code editor. Novel features include real-time code coverage, retroactive breakpoints and stack inspection, and call trees that connect asynchronous callbacks.

Crowd computing (more projects)

building and studying systems that orchestrate small contributions from a crowd of people.


Cobi engages an entire academic community in planning a large-scale conference. Cobi elicits community members' preferences and constraints, and provides a scheduling tool empowering organizers to take informed actions toward improving the schedule.