Chickenfoot 0.9.20070423 released

This release includes some new debugging features:

  • When a pattern is ambiguous (like click(”Search”) on a page with two Search buttons), Chickenfoot now highlights all the matches to the ambiguous pattern.
  • Objects displayed in the output pane can now be opened to show their properties.

In addition, Chickenfoot scripts can now use Javascript 1.7 constructs, assuming you’re running in Firefox 2.0+. (FF 1.5 only has JS 1.6.) In particular, Match objects are now iterators, so you can do away with the nasty hasMatch/next syntax and simply use, like so:

for (c in find(”checkbox”)) check(c);
for (img in find(”image”)) remove(img);
for (number in find(/\d+/)) output(number);

JS 1.7 has a few other nice features, like proper lexical scoping for local variables. See
for more details.

The file-handling commands (read, write, append, exists) have been moved out of the Chickenfoot core and into a library. You need to put include(”fileio.js”) at the top of your script to use these commands.

Also fixed a bug in the extension generator, so that Firefox extensions generated from Chickenfoot work once more.