TDS seminars schedule for Spring 2010
Seminars are in Room 32-G631, 1 - 2:30 pm on Fridays , unless otherwise noted.
Information on this page is constantly updating.
Date Speaker Topic/Abstract Slides
Feb. 24, 4:15PM (At G575) Nancy Lynch (MIT) “Abstract MAC Layers”; Abstract
This talk is also announced as a special LIDS seminar.
Feb. 26 Rotem Oshman (MIT) “Towards Automatic Verification of Message-Passing Algorithms”; Abstract
Mar. 5 Alex Cornejo (MIT) “Deploying Wireless Networks with Beeps (aka Distributed coloring without sending a single message)”; Abstract
Mar. 12 Darek Kowalski (University of Liverpool, UK) “Complexity of Dynamic Broadcast on a Multiple Access Channel”; Abstract Slides
Mar. 19 Stephen Smith (MIT) “Communication Constrained Task Allocation For Robotic Networks”; Abstract Slides
April 16 Krzysztof Onak (MIT) “On a connection between distributed algorithms and sublinear-time algorithms ”; Abstract Slides
April 20 Murat Demirbas (SUNY Buffalo) “ Singlehop Collaboration and Coordination Primitives for Wireless Sensor Actor Networks ”; Abstract Slides
April 23 Srikanth Sastry (TAMU) “ Partial Synchrony: Realizing an Ideal ”; Abstract Slides
April 30 Bernhard Haeupler (MIT) “ Network Coding for Adversarial Dynamic Networks ” Abstract
May 7 Bob Constable (Cornell) “ Building Event Structures over Higher-Order Processes as Realizers (Note: room 32-G575) ”; Abstract
May 14 Alex Cornejo (MIT) “ Deploying Wireless Networks with Beeps;; Abstract
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