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Samira Kiani

Affiliated lab(s):

Phone: 1-347-210-1753
Address: Cambridge,MA 02139

Research interest: Synthetic biology, Genome Engineering, Cell-based Therapies, CRISPR technology, TALE technology, Genetic Devices and Layered Circuits, Engineering Mammalian Cell-Cell Communications, Exosomes, Secreted Proteins-based engineering

My research  focuses on applying the CRISPR technology ( and other custom made DNA binding proteins) to engineer complicated logic in mammalian cells. In this line, I develop transcriptional devices and layered circuits based on the CRISPR technology . In parallel, I am interested to engineer mammalian cell-cell communication using exosomes and secreted protein cargos, which enable us to reduce the overall metabolic workload in cell sub-populations and enables novel applications in cell-based therapies and tissue morphogenesis.