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Katherine Kiwimagi

Title(s): Postdoctoral Fellow
Affiliated lab(s): Weiss Lab


Research interest: I love being involved in projects that use experimental wet lab studies in conjunction with computation modeling to approach today's questions. Questions of interest to me included: How cell-cell communication derived pattern formation can generate a self-contained and programmable environment to control stem cell differentiation. How organoids can be used to study neurological diseases. I have chosen to study Biology because it is the study of life. Life for me is good and I would like to make it better for others. I have a background in synthetic and computational biology and have been a part of a large variety of projects, from developing computer models of mouse brain layer V pyramidal cells, in which we were able to qualitatively reproduce the resonance properties displayed by these cells in patch clamp experiments, developing a mathematical model in an attempt to describe the phenotypic behavior of novel synthetic genes transformed into plants and optimization of hybrid promoter design useful for construction of mammalian cell-cell communication derived patterns. Throughout all the projects I have been involved in there is a connection in using the leading science in the field with leading edge computational tools to discover and explore phenomena that make up our world.