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Jonathan Babb

Affiliated lab(s): Weiss Lab

Address: E17-351, 32-211

Research interest: Reconfigurable computing and its application to synthetic biology through the development of the Bio-Field Programmable Gate Array (BioFPGA) and BioPLA for rapid prototyping and tuning of gene circuits by the end user. BioCAD. Very large scale integration of robust synthetic biological circuits. Design and programming of microfluidic chips and high-throughput liquid handling robots for automated assembly of bacterial (BioBrick) and mammalian genetic circuits. Fault-tolerant genetic circuits and biosecurity. Circuits that create living biomaterials capable of self-assembly, growth and self repair, including programmable biosynthesis of nanocellulose. High-level compilation to computational fabrics in both cells and silicon. Energy-efficient multicore computer architecture, CAD and VLSI.