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Dr. Deepak Mishra

Title(s): Siebel Scholar; National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow; Eni-MIT Energy Fellow
Affiliated lab(s): Weiss Lab

Phone: Email Preferred
Address: NE47-235

Research interest: Synthetic and systems biology, Design principles of synthetic protein interaction networks, Engineering multicellullar systems, Emergence of global behavior from simple rules, Applying tools of chemical engineering, chemistry to biological engineering, Very large circuit construction / DNA assembly, Development of microfluidic tools for continuous single cell imaging under varying extracellular conditions

Mishra, Deepak; Rivera, Phillip M.; Lin, Allen; Vecchio, Domitilla Del; Weiss, Ron. A load driver device for engineering modularity in biological networks. Nature Biotechnology, November 24, 2014, Advanced Online Publication [link] [MIT News Article]

Steager, Edward B.; Wong, Denise; Mishra, Deepak; Weiss, Ron; Kumar, Vijay. Sensors for micro bio robots via synthetic biology. 2014 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) June 2014,3783-3788. [link]

Micro-bio-robotic communication: Multicellular pattern formation and detection with visible and ultraviolet light

Regulatory networks utilizing protein-protein interactions

Retroactivity and Insulation