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Dr. Deepak Mishra

Title(s): Siebel Scholar; National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow; Eni-MIT Energy Fellow
Affiliated lab(s): Weiss Lab

Phone: Email Preferred
Address: NE47-235

Research interest:

Publications and Deliverables:
Mishra, Deepak; Bepler, Tristan; Berger, Bonnie; Broach, Jim; Weiss, Ron. A synthetic protein-phosphorylation toggle network and implications for endogenous network discovery. In review, Science, Nov 2018

Mishra, Shikha; Joshi, Shaurya; Ward, Jennifer; Buys, Eva; Mishra, Deepak; Mishra, Deepa; Morgado, Isabel; Fisch, Sudeshna; MacRae, Calum; Liao, Ronglih. Modeling cardiac light chain amyloidosis using transgenic zebrafish. In review, AJP: Heart and Circulatory Physiology, Oct 2018

Mishra, Deepak; Weiss, Ron. Synthetic Biology Toolkit for Yeast. Released a commercial product with ATCC for yeast synthetic biology researchers to build circuits, Jan 2018 [link]

Mishra, Deepak; Rivera, Phillip M.; Lin, Allen; Vecchio, Domitilla Del; Weiss, Ron. A load driver device for engineering modularity in biological networks. Nature Biotechnology, November 24, 2014, Advanced Online Publication [link] [MIT News Article]

Steager, Edward B.; Wong, Denise; Mishra, Deepak; Weiss, Ron; Kumar, Vijay. Sensors for micro bio robots via synthetic biology. 2014 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) June 2014,3783-3788. [link]

Micro-bio-robotic communication: Multicellular pattern formation and detection with visible and ultraviolet light

Regulatory networks utilizing protein-protein interactions

Retroactivity and Insulation