Prof. Ron Weiss recognized for bold research vision

December 12, 2016. Prof. Ron Weiss has received a Professor Amar G. Bose Research Grant for a joint project with Prof. Domitilla Del Vecchio at a Nov. 21 reception hosted by MIT President L. Rafael Reif. Bose Research Grants are competitively …

Ross Jones receives Teaching Assistant Excellence Award

Congratulations to Ross Jones for receiving the Biological Engineering Teaching Assistant Excellence Award. Ross has demonstrated excellence in his role as teaching assistant for Prof. Weiss’ Principles of Synthetic Biology course. Additionally, he was one of the lead developers of the EdX version of …

Sebastian Palacios selected president at the Synthetic Biology Center

September 26, 2016. Sebastian Palacios has been selected as president of the Student Leadership Board (SLB) in the Synthetic Biology Center at MIT. In his role, Sebastian will lead the Synthetic Biology Center to advance and promote critical areas such as training in …

Giulio Alighieri and Sebastian Palacios mentioned in MIT News

Graduate students Giulio Alighieri and Sebastian Palacios were mentioned in MIT News on August 11th, 2016, for their outstanding contributions to the shared life of the Institute. Giulio’s excellent leadership as president of the MIT European Club led to receipt …

Synthetic morphogenesis book chapter published

Congratulations to Brian Teague, Patrick Guye and Ron Weiss for their publication of Synthetic Morphogenesis, which explores several frontiers in the nascent field of synthetic morphogenesis, including programmable tissues and organs, synthetic biomaterials and programmable matter, and engineering complex morphogenic systems de …

Sebastian Palacios awarded prestigious MIT Award

April 15, 2016. Sebastian Palacios has been awarded an MIT Award at 2016 MIT Awards Convocation. The MIT Awards represent some of the most prestigious awards given at the Institute and are a collection of about 30 awards that celebrate …

Sebastian Palacios receives Harvard-MIT research recognition

Congratulation to Sebastian Palacios for receiving one of three yearly honorable mention awards at the 2016 Heath, Science and Technology (HST) Forum, held on Thursday, April 14 in Harvard Medical School campus. An expert panel of judges determined this recognition …

Featured on MIT’s homepage

In a step toward personalized drug testing and other applications, Weiss Lab and Griffith Lab researchers coaxed human stem cells to form complex tissues. The research was featured today on MIT’s homepage! See the article here.

Sebastian receives MIT UCEM Sloan Award

Congratulations to Sebastian Palacios for receiving the MIT UCEM Sloan Award! MIT students are selected to receive this prestigious award in recognition of outstanding performance in their graduate program and a promising future.

Sebastian admitted to Harvard-MIT medical training program

December 13, 2015 Sebastian Palacios has been admitted into the Harvard-MIT Medical Sciences (GEMS) training program. In addition to preclinical coursework in Harvard University, Sebastian will join biomedical engineering seminars and participate in an individually tailored clinical experience in Massachusetts …

CytoFlow featured in the December issue of The Scientist

CytoFlow, developed by Brian Teague for flow cytometry data analysis, was featured in the December issue of The Scientist! See more here

Congrats Samira, Nelson, and Ron!

We had a new paper appear online about Cas9 gRNA engineering for genome editing, activation, and repression. Congrats Samira, Nelson, and Ron on leading the efforts! See more here.

Sebastian receives NIH National Research Service Award

Sebastian Palacios has received a National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Research Service Award  for his outstanding performance in his graduate program, and his potential to shape the future of neuromedicine. This award is offered through a partnership between NIH …

Sebastian admitted to MIT Neurobiological Engineering Training Program

Sebastian Palacios has been admitted into the rigorous MIT Neurobiological Engineering Training Program (NBETP). As part of the program, Sebastian will supplement his Ph.D. with advanced classes in molecular neuroscience, systems neuroscience, and neuroengineering. He will also assume leadership roles …

Three publications appeared online this week!

Congrats Lila, Patrick, Tasuku, Velia, Bre, and Hattie on their papers appearing online this week! See more here

Sebastian wins award for most outstanding research presentation

Congratulation to Sebastian Palacios for winning the award for most outstanding research presentation at the NSF Emergent Behaviors of Integrated Cellular Systems (EBICS) Annual Retreat. The award was selected based on research of high quality and outstanding presentation. For more …

Congrats to Katie Bodner for being one of ‘the most interesting undergrads at MIT’

Katie Bodner, an undergraduate UROP from our lab, has been named one of the most interesting undergrads at MIT. More info here

Load Drivers for Modularity in Circuits

Congratulations to Deepak, Phillip, Allen, Domitilla, and Ron! Our work on utilizing phosphorylation networks to create load drivers for engineering modularity in synthetic circuits was published online on August 17 in Nature Biotechnology! Link

CRISPR Circuits in Mammalian Cells

Congratulations to Samira, Jake, Mo, Jin, Nelson, Zhen, and Yinqing! Our work on utilizing CRISPR to create layered circuits in mammalian cells was published online on May 5 in Nature Methods! Link:

Our work on ‘multi-input RNAi-based logic circuit for identification of cancer cells’ is on the news!

Congratulations to Zhen, Lila, Laura, Kobi and Ron! Our work on synthetic gene circuit for detection and killing of specific cancer cell is published on Science ( Comments on our work by academic peers in F1000, MIT NEWS: Killing …