Lightweight Formal Methods
A New Course, Spring 2005
Lecturer: Daniel Jackson

Software is everywhere. Bad software makes life miserable and is likely, eventually, to result in catastrophes. The old ways of developing software from vague specs and designs, by trial and error, with minimal tool support won't produce the radical improvement that's needed. Lightweight formal methods is a new approach that combines classical ideas of formal specification and verification with new automatic checking technologies, and a more cost-effective and risk-driven style.

Students will read classic technical papers and articles on broader issues; will get a grounding in the big ideas of formal methods; and will become proficient in using the latest lightweight methods for software design, specification and programming. For more information, contact Daniel Jackson ( Enrollment likely to be limited to ensure class participation.

6.894 Lightweight Formal Methods
G (Spring), H-level
Units: 3-6-3
Prereqs: 6.170, 6.042, or permission of instructor
MW 11:00 - 12:30 in 56-154

Note: the 6.097 undergraduate version of this course has been cancelled. Undergraduates are still welcome, of course.