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(Opportunities for Students)
(Opportunities for Students)
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== Opportunities for Students ==
== Opportunities for Students ==
See [http:/].
See [].
== <br>Contact Us ==
== <br>Contact Us ==
See [] for contact information.
See [] for contact information.

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Supertech is a research group in MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. The Supertech Research Group investigates the technologies that support scalable high-performance computing, including hardware, software, and theory. The goal is to make scalable computing simpler, faster, and more effective. The group is currently engaged in developing tools to simplify parallel computing, such as the Cilk multithreaded programming platform and its related tools for programmer productivity. In addition, we are developing parallel applications, focusing in particular on irregular problems such as graph applications. The group also studies adaptive computing, race detection, and cache-oblivious algorithms.

Our Motto: "Advancing the state of computing P steps at a time."


In the News...

See [1] for the news.

Research Support

See [2] for who supports us.

Opportunities for Students

See [3].

Contact Us

See [4] for contact information.

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