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[ Belorussian translation] provided by [].
[ Belorussian translation] provided by [].

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Supertech is a research group in MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. The Supertech Research Group investigates the technologies that support scalable high-performance computing, including hardware, software, and theory. The goal is to make scalable computing simpler, faster, and more effective. The group is currently engaged in a major effort to develop architectural and system-software support for unbounded transactional memory. The group also is studying adaptive computing, race detection, cache-oblivious algorithms, and distance-education technologies.

Our Motto: "Advancing the state of computing P steps at a time."


In the News...

"Milestone for MIT Press’s bestseller", MIT News Office, August 16, 2011
What began as lecture notes for an MIT computer-science class has become the standard text in the field, selling half a million copies in 20 years.

"Retooling Algorithms", MIT News Office, February 25, 2011
Charles Leiserson and his team are experts at designing parallel algorithms - including one for a chess-playing program that outperformed IBM's Deep Blue.

Research Support

Support for Supertech is provided in part by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under Grants

  • 1162148 (SHF: AF: Medium: Collaborative Research: The Pochoir Stencil Compiler),
  • 1017058 (CSR: Small: Using Thread-Local Memory Mapping to Support Memory Abstractions for Dynamic Multithreading), and
  • 0937680 (HECURA: Collaborative: Multidimensional and String Indexes for Streaming Data).

Previous NSF grants have included 0324974, 0305606, 0540248, 0541209, 0621511, and 0615215.

Opportunities for Students

Current Positions:

MIT undergraduates interested in working in the Supertech group on parallel programming and algorithms should submit the following materials:

  • Resume
  • Grade report
  • Sample of your code (preferably C/C++)
  • Sample of your technical writing
  • Cover note with any additional information

Please send these materials to Professor Leiserson.

Summer Internships:

We get quite a bit of email from foreign students looking for summer internships in our research group. We have no positions available, and we request that you refrain from sending us email requesting special treatment.

Prospective PhD Students:

We frequently get emails from prospective Ph.D. students asking if there are openings in the Supertech Research Group. We are not equipped to handle the overwhelming number of such requests. Moreover, individual professors at MIT are not involved with the application process. If you are interested in joining the Supertech Research Group, please contact the MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) department's Graduate Admissions directly by telephone at +1 617.253.2917 or by email at either or and request an application. After a student has been admitted into the Ph.D. program in the EECS department at MIT, the student will then be invited to visit MIT to discuss research opportunities with various potential Ph.D. advisors, and we will be happy to discuss research interests at that time.

Contact Us

Supertech can be reached through

Cree Bruins
MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
The Stata Center, Building 32-G764
32 Vassar Street
Cambridge, MA 02139 USA
Tel: +1 617.253.2629
For information on Supertech or this website, please email Cree Bruins.

Our group is located in the Ray and Maria Stata Center (MIT Building 32), on the 7th floor of the Gates tower. Detailed directions to CSAIL are available.

Web-Site Translations

Belorussian translation provided by

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