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The instructions emailed to pmg@csail on Sep 20 2006:

Be careful to follow these exactly, it's easy to break things otherwise.

Hi all,

I figure given that the last real change to our website was in 2004, most people don't know how to modify it. I'm bringing things up to scratch whenever I have a chance (especially the publications section which is way out of date), but after that people should be able to edit it themselves. It's a little complex so here's a how-to guide:

Apart from adding new group members etc, the most important thing is to have every publication in the database. Here's how to do so after each paper you publish:

1) Log in to your home directory on lirone

2) Make sure you have paths etc set correctly:

 export CVS_RSH=ssh
 export CVSROOT=localhost:/space/cvsroot
 export PATH=$PATH:.

3) Check out the website source tree:

 cvs co web

4) Make your modifications:

  • To add a publication, edit pmg.bib and add it as bibtex. Make sure you add download links and categories (see my HQ-OSDI entry for reference). There must be a corresponding category in the 'research-index-categories' file, so add one if necessary, but try not to introduce unnecessary categories. Make sure any PMG authors on the paper are included in the 'authors' and 'author-urls' files, to allow browse-by-author on the website. The same goes for the names of conferences in the 'author-urls' file.
  • To make changes to the main homepage, edit 'index-headfoot.html', NOT index.html. The latter is auto-generated based on pmg.bib etc. Be careful here, it's easy to break things.

5) Run 'make all' from the web directory, don't proceed till all errors are fixed.

6) 'cvs add' any newly created files. If you've added a new author there'll magically be a new file called 'Firstname-Lastname.html' in htdocs/pubs/, and any new publication will have a new page in this directory named by the bibtex index (ie. 'HQ-OSDI-abstract.html') - these need to be added to the cvs manually.

7) Do a 'cvs commit' and fix any conflicts, adding something descriptive as the cvs comment would go astray here.

8) Run 'make deploy' and enter lirone's root password when asked.

9) You're done! Check and make sure everything works.

If all the instructions are followed properly it's pretty easy - try not to deviate from them, things get messy.

Should we make it the rule that people have to add every paper they write to the publications database? It reflects much better on the group to have everything up to date. Also make sure you change the "last updated" date in index-headfoot.html - it hadn't been changed in a couple of years.



I don't think anyone responded to that last question, so I'll just make it the rule anyway. Every paper you write should go in the publication database.

--Cowling 13:48, 23 August 2007 (EDT)

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