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Directions for checking out and running code

  1. Prerequisites
    • Postgres database
      • Install the rpms or packages (postgresql, postgresql-server, postgresql-jdbc)
      • service postgresql initdb (or run initdb somehow else)
      • chkconfig postgresql on
      • (the following is adapted from aeolus/auditing/graphdb/
      • sudo -u postgres createuser --superuser YOUR_UNIX_USERNAME
      • createdb AeolusAuthority
      • edit pg_hba.conf and change entry to "trust" (fedora)
      • restart postgres server /etc/rc.d/init.d/postgresql restart
    • java 1.6
    • ant
  2. Check out code (or download code: download information coming soon)
    • svn co svn+ssh://<Your-Name-Here> aeolus
    • alternatively use eclipse to check out the sources from the repo
  3. Build code
    • use eclipse to browse to build.xml
    • right click on build.xml and then choose Ant Build from the menu
    • Alternatively run "ant" in the aeolus directory (uses build.xml)
  4. Create environment
    • Create databases (once)
      • AUTHORITY SERVER (per authority/server/
        • CREATE DATABASE AeolusAuthority;
        • CONNECT AeolusAuthority;
        • GRANT ALL ON * TO 'aeolus'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'PFlate762!';
      • AUDITING (per auditing/
        • CREATE DATABASE AeolusLogging;
        • CONNECT AeolusLogging;
        • GRANT ALL ON * TO 'aeolusLogger'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'PFlate762!';
    • Start authority server and audit server
      • cd ~/workspace/aeolus/dist
        ./aeolus-server.jar &
  5. Run code
    • cd aeolus
    • ./run-server This starts the AS (aka the Authority Server)
    • ./run-vn<insert dir-name>.<insert class-name> This starts the application
      • Note: do not use ".class" in the class name
  6. Running code in earlier versions (for reference only)
    • java -cp ~/workspace/aeolus/aeolus/dist/aeolus-rt.jar:~/workspace/aeolus/aeolus/../lib/bcel-5.2.jar ~/workspace/aeolus/aeolus/dist/aeolus-apps.jar
    • Note: aeolus-apps.jar contains all the classes in apps (or at least approximately)
    • Note: need to add aeolus-apps.jar to the class path if using shared state
    • Alternatively, cd to the dist directory and type
      java -cp aeolus-rt.jar:../lib/bcel-5.2.jar /home/user-name/workspace/aeolus/dist/aeolus-apps.jar
    • Note: the Aeolus class loader (RuntimeLoader in above command) always needs a full, absolute pathname
    • For performance measurements bypass the aeolus class loader
      java -jar aeolus-rt.jar aeolus-rt.jar
    • For completeness, here are the other two commands to collect performance numbers:
      • RPC: java -Xmx3G -cp aeolus-rt.jar:aeolus-apps.jar;../lib/bcel-5.2.jar ~/aeolus/dist/aeolus-apps.jar
      • Monster: java -Xmx3G -cp aeolus-rt.jar:../lib/bcel-5.2.jar ~/aeolus/dist/aeolus-apps.jar
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