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Directions for checking out and running code

  1. Prerequisites
    • MySql database
      • Install the rpms or packages (mysql, mysql-server, mysql-devel (may not need all these))
      • Start the server (/etc/rc.d/init.d/mysqld start)
      • chkconfig on for the server (to restart on reboot)
      • set passwords appropriately (probably need -p in the second one)
    • java 1.6
  2. Check out code
    • svn co svn+ssh://<Your-Name-Here>
    • alternatively use eclipse to check out the sources from the repo
  3. Build code
    • use eclipse to browse to build.xml
    • right click on build.xml and then choose Ant Build from the menu
    • Alternatively run "ant" in the aeolus directory (uses build.xml)
  4. Create environment
    • Create databases (once)
      • AUTHORITY SERVER (per authority/server/
        • CREATE DATABASE AeolusAuthority;
        • CONNECT AeolusAuthority;
        • GRANT ALL ON * TO 'aeolus'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'PFlate762!';
      • AUDITING (per auditing/
        • CREATE DATABASE AeolusLogging;
        • CONNECT AeolusLogging;
        • GRANT ALL ON * TO 'aeolusLogger'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'PFlate762!';
    • Start authority server and audit server
      • cd ~/workspace/aeolus/dist ./aeolus-server.jar &
  1. Run code
    • java -cp ~/workspace/aeolus/aeolus/dist/aeolus-rt.jar ~/workspace/aeolus/aeolus/dist/aeolus-medical.jar
    • Note: aeolus-medical.jar contains all the classes in apps (or at least approximately)
    • Alternatively, cd to the dist directory and type java -cp aeolus-rt.jar aeolus-medical.jar
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