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File System:

   openOutputStream in FileSystemClient requires process to be able to read and write to file - fixed
   listDir() returns a list of real absolute file paths - manual states it returns a list of relative paths. - tentatively fixed
   FileAttributes, which contain a file's labels, are written to disk without storing parent tags. Hence reconstructing the file's labels from the FileAttributes written to disk does not reconstruct the correct tag hierarchy.

Tags & Labels

   this.state.iLabel UserProxy and this.state.sLabel seem to be empty labels, at least for File System methods. - tentatively fixed
   Multiple event records are created with parameters of certain types in UserProxy, but the server reads the event records expecting parameters with different types - fixed.
   Adding a sub tag to a label that contains the supertag should not change anything, but it did. - fixed in
   In AuthorityManager, createSubtag was not making use of the TagID(id, parentID) constructor, rather it used the TagID(id) constructor, hence all subtags had parent = 0. - fixed 


   registerService is not updated to the one in the new API specified in the manual.
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