Static and dynamic analysis: Synergy and duality

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“Static and dynamic analysis: Synergy and duality” by Michael D. Ernst. In WODA 2003: ICSE Workshop on Dynamic Analysis, (Portland, OR), May 9, 2003, pp. 24-27.


This paper presents two sets of observations relating static and dynamic analysis. The first concerns synergies between static and dynamic analysis. Wherever one is utilized, the other may also be applied, often in a complementary way, and existing analyses should inspire different approaches to the same problem. Furthermore, existing static and dynamic analyses often have very similar structure and technical approaches. The second observation is that some static and dynamic approaches are similar in that each considers, and generalizes from, a subset of all possible executions.

Researchers need to develop new analyses that complement existing ones. More importantly, researchers need to erase the boundaries between static and dynamic analysis and create unified analyses that can operate in either mode, or in a mode that blends the strengths of both approaches.

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