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Downloading and Installing Eclat

Eclat requires Java 1.5.

You have two options:

Download Eclat for use from a command line

To install Eclat for use from a command line, follow these steps.
  1. Download eclat.jar.
  2. Download daikon.jar (you're downloading the Daikon invariant detector).
  3. Add daikon.jar and eclat.jar to your classpath.
  4. Verify your installation: the following commands should produce documentation messages.
    java daikon.Daikon
    java eclat.textui.Main help
  5. Proceed to the tutorial.

Download Eclat for use as an Eclipse plugin

  1. Make sure that Eclipse is running under Java 1.5.
  2. Download
  3. Unzip the file. The content is a single directory eclatPlugin_1.0.0. Add this directory to your plugins directory. This directory is located under the main eclipse installation directory, e.g. in Windows. C:\Program Files\eclipse\plugins
    (Hint: if you use a shared copy of Eclipse, you can still add a plugin locally. Do: Help --> "Software Updates" --> "Manage Configuration" --> "Add an Extension Location.")
  4. Proceed to the tutorial.

Send comments or questions to Eclat's mailing list.

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