Developers Wanted

You may have decided that the filters and prioritizers provided won't do it for you. That's great. It's time for you to contribute to Eclipse. You don't need to know much about the Eclipse API, but you should be comfortable with the first few chapters of Contributing to Eclipse by Beck and Gamma. Once you know how to publish a plug-in for use by others you are ready to start developing your own manipulators.


If you are contributing a filter, the following should be in the plugin.xml:

 <extension point = "org.eclipse.jdt.junit.testfilter"
        class = "filterclass">
Where filtername is the name of the filter and filterclass is the java class that you are contributing.

A prioritizer's plugin.xml will contain the following:

 <extension point = "org.eclipse.jdt.junit.testprioritizer"
        class = "prioritizerclass">
Where prioritizername is the name of the prioritizer and prioritizerclass is the java class that you are contributing.

Creating the Class

We definitly recommend extending either AbstractTestFilter or AbstractTestPrioritizer. If you want to, you could just implement the ITestFilter or ITestPrioritizer interface, but AbstractTestPrioritizer provides some very useful methods.

You can import the plugin with linked source to view what we did so that you have an idea.

Important: You must implement the getName() method so that it doesn't return null!! If you don't, your manipulator will not show up as a possible choice.

Just a few things to keep in mind while developing. If you have any questions, please ask. Hopefully we can make some revolutionary manipulators. Let me know.