Cloud Intrusion Detection and Repair



Modern cloud computing systems offer unprecedented computational resources and flexibility in allocating those resources to a variety of users and tasks. But cloud computing systems also provide attackers with new opportunities and can amplify the ability of the attacker to compromise the computing infrastructure.

The Cloud Intrusion Detection and Repair project is developing a system that observes normal interactions during the secure operation of the cloud to derive properties that characterize this secure operation. If any part of the cloud subsequently attempts to violate these properties, the system intervenes and changes the interaction (by, for example, adding or removing operations or changing the parameters that appear in operations) to ensure that the cloud executes securely and survives the attack while continuing to provide uninterrupted service to legitimate users.

This project is currently funded under the DARPA Mission-Oriented Resilient Clouds (MRC) program. MIT is the sole performer.





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CIDER is actively seeking for talented and motivated people to help improve software reliability. UROP researchers for Spring 2012 and Summer 2012 are particularly encouraged to apply. Contact Stelios or Jeff for more details.

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