dpo3 : Dependency Parsing, Order 3

The dpo3 package provides an implementation of the third-order projective dependency parsing algorithms presented by Koo and Collins (2010). A more detailed description can also be found in Koo (2010). The implementation is written in C/C++, and the source is freely distributed under the GNU GPL v3.0.

The implementation has been applied in a GCC + GNU/Linux + x86-64 environment. The level to which the code is portable is not known at this time and was not a concern during the development, though this is something I am concerned about for the future. Bug reports and inquiries may be sent to maestro@csail.mit.edu, but no guarantees are offered regarding service.

Those wishing to reimplement the parsing experiments in the aforementioned papers should contact me in order to obtain the formatted data I used in those experiments. As the datasets in question are licensed, I won't be posting them here; however, I will be happy to send them to you provided that you or your institution also holds licenses for the data. Eventually I may prepare a set of scripts that allow you to create the datasets from the original formatting.

Download dpo3

dpo3-0.1-acl 2010-05-08 Initial release. This package contains the implementation used to perform the parsing experiments described in Koo and Collins (2010). Expect some subsequent releases as various extensions are completed.


Terry Koo and Michael Collins. 2010. Efficient Third-order Dependency Parsers. In Proceedings of ACL.

Terry Koo. Advances in Discriminative Dependency Parsing. PhD thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2010.