The tar file maita-system.tar contains all of the files in the maita system. The system guide is in

notes/MAITA User Guide.doc

which describes the structure of the system and how to run it. A quick description of the files is as follows:

code/mon these are the files that provide the infrastructure
code/ia these are the various monitors in the demonstration system
notes a couple of useful files. Demo-instr1.text is a quick
summary of how to run things. Also contains the user guide.
data This directory has some sample data files of the type
various monitors interpret (eg, syslog)
code/logs location of the log files maintaining the existence of monitors
The log file name has host and port of mom. For on port 10000 the file is: sherrington_lcs_mit_edu_10000.lisp
Public/projects/maita/java the java files used by the control panel
Public/cgi-bin/maita/ scripts such as that starts a control panel in the browser
/usr/local/bootserver the bootserver and associated services
/projects/ia/ the LL tcpdump data is stored here as specified by *TCPDUMP-DATA-DIR* in tcpdump-transducer.lisp Because of the size, only the sekar data is included, but the rest is available from Lincoln Labs.
/projects/maita/code/startup/logs/ currently the location where records its activity