CC2 Ontology Notes

Jon Doyle
MIT Laboratory for Computer Science

The following outline lists a variety of terms needed in an ontology for CC2. The list below heavily emphasizes terms related to monitoring, both monitoring in the abstract (signals and operations on them) and concepts related to the MAITA system in particular. Coverage is much lighter on concepts related to computation, computer systems and processes, networks, and military notions.

The lists below are not polished, as this didn't seem warranted before merging these lists with those produced by others. The hierarchical placements of these terms also should not be regarded as firm. Undoubtedly many will shift location as they appear in more comprehensive ontologies (e.g., CYC) in more general positions.

Monitoring concepts

General concepts

The general monitoring concepts include signals, their characteristics, operations on signals, and their characteristics.

Many of the concepts under the general concepts represent mathematical notions of wider applicability.

MAITA concepts

The following concepts are reasonably specific to the MAITA system, though some occur in other contexts and may be more generally applicable to monitoring in general.

Computing and communications concepts

A lot more detail is needed in most of these things. Some could come from the CCD concepts, but many needed concepts are more abstract than the CCD ones.


The following lists exhibit some overlaps and require some reorganization. Some of these concepts may not be of direct interest in CC2, depending on how detailed we need to make models of threat situations and rationales for expecting attacks.

Command and control

These concepts need augmentation with more general military concepts. It lacks all concepts of specific weapons, systems, military organization, etc.

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