Phillip Phuc Le's Friends

With a Little Help...

Here are some photos of my friends:

Here you see me (middle) and two of my friends, Jimmy and Joy Cavalaris. They live in Florida, which is almost as nice as California, but much more humid. This photo was taken at the Christmas dinner, 1995.
And here is Brian McDonald, another Floridian. Even though there's all this food in front of him, he's still skinny...Next year, "we're gonna pump... you up."
This is Raylene Sanchez, sporting the retro look. I think that sweatshirt was worn by Bruce Lee in one of his movies...
Here's a picture of the 522 triple. From Left to Right: Lisa Moonlite Christian, Meredith "Cry me a river" Otterson, and Jamie Bear Buller. Of course, they weren't sitting together, so I had to do some cut-and-paste magic... (Imagine what I could have done with Brian's surprise pics!) Of course, instead of appreciation, all I get is complaints about how bad their pictures look and my terrible choice of pictures. If you ask me, they should just be thankful.
Here's a picture of all of us at the beautiful, scenic beach right off the Blue Line subway stop. The sand was full of crap, literally, and the water was the same water that is in Boston Harbor. We were able to find signs of life - a jellyfish or two, but that was about it. Oh well, I guess growing up in California makes you a little bit spoiled. If you want to know who's in the picture, or if you are in the picture and just want to see your name mentioned... here goes: From L to R.

Alex "big middle finger" Cheung; Raylene "Gap" Sanchez; Jamie "da-Bear" Buller; Meredith "the Dream" Olaju... I mean Otterson; Meeee; Janice "Little Richie" Chen; and Jason the stud-meister- fellow-zeusman- California-air-breathing- babe-magnet Wong

Here's Team IVC, manning a table at one of our home tournaments. The dark, slow-looking guy sitting at the table is Parry "Come Alive" Jones Reginald Husbands G. Sitting next to him is Amy Smith '98. Behind them is our ex-fearless leader, Evan Sherbrooke. He's talking to Darcy Duke, one of our (only) fans. The guy missing half his body is Gunter Niemeyer G, who is getting his PhD this year and leaving us :( But at least that moves me up to the #1 middle hitter spot.
The short guy is Koji Asari. He's our setter, and along with Parry, was on the NECVL All-star team in '96. The picture on the right is from Graduation. He just got his bachelor's in June of '96 and is sticking around here for his Master's.

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