Professor J.C.R. (Lick) Licklider (left) and Lecturer Albert Vezza, Head of the Programming Technology Research Group, discuss a display output of their Dynamic Modeling System. Professor Licklider's research interests are in computer graphics, computer networks, modeling and simulation as well as man-computer interaction. He has been a pioneer in the evolution of time-shared systems both as a faculty member and former director of the Laboratory and as head of the Information Processing Techniques Office of the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). Mr. Vezza's research interests are in knowledge-based pattern recognition systems, in message systems, applications of data base systems, and in software/hardware applications of Computer Science.

Professor Michael Hammer heads a research group in the design and analysis of very large data bases. He is also interested in programming languages and compilers, especially as they relate to user applications.

As a data base becomes very large, numerous problems emerge, such as maintainability, reliability, currency, and cost to access and update. Professor Hammer and his research group seek to understand and address these problems through the study and design of novel data-base system organizations.

Two Programming Technology researchers discuss a procedural problem on the Dynamic Modeling System.

This 1975 MIT Lab for Computer Science Brochure was reconstructed in HTML by Peter Szolovits, 1995.
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