Professors Stephen A. Ward (left), who heads the Domain Specific Systems Research Group and Hoo-Min Toong, examine a student project using microcomputers. Professor Ward's interests are in system architecture and in the integration of programming systems and languages. Professor Toong's interests are in micro- and mini- computer hardware and software systems and networks.

The research group is concerned with the automatic programming of microcomputer systems from application-oriented, higher-level languages. This work entails a wide spectrum of activities such as programming language semantics; programming system tools; and microcomputer system architecture. The purpose of this research is to decrease the effort and cost of programming computers for specific applications--a situation that is becoming more severe as processor costs decrease and programming costs rise.

Professors Ward (left) and Dertouzos attempt to balance a micro- computer controlled inverted pendulum balancer. Professor Dertouzos' research interests are in Control Robotics, i.e., the procedural control of physical processes by automatically programmed micro-computer control systems.

This 1975 MIT Lab for Computer Science Brochure was reconstructed in HTML by Peter Szolovits, 1995.
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