Interdisciplinary research activities such as these often give rise to bilateral stimuli; for example, the need to process information very rapidly for music synthesis has helped Professor Dennis in his development of a parallel-computer architecture called the dataflow machine. Conversely, continuously emerging developments in computer hardware stimulate its use in new ways to achieve previously difficult musical or design effects. Music

Professor Barry L. Vercoe of the Music Section of the Department of Humanities, who is an affiliate member of the Laboratory, and his research group use their PDP/11-based studio to explore the use of computers to aid composers. Architecture

Professor Nicolas P. Negroponte of the Department of Architecture and affiliate member of the Laboratory, combines his knowledge of architecture and computers in the Architecture Machine--a multicomputer facility developed and supported by his research group, that brings the computer to the aid of the architect in the creative design process.

This 1975 MIT Lab for Computer Science Brochure was reconstructed in HTML by Peter Szolovits, 1995.
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