Who is LIK MUI?

Who am I?
I am a PhD student in Professor Peter Szolovits' MEDG group in MIT Laboratory for Computer Science.  This page contains a bit about my research and a bit about who I am.

Faith: the foundation of beliefs.
Trust and Reputation

I am interested in studying computational models for trust and reputation.

Crane: the bird of longevity
Evolution of Cooperation

I am also interested in this older field for studying how cooperation evolve in a population.

School of Fish
Profile Matching

The more commercial side of me points me to research on how profile matching can be performed so as to maximize the probability that two matched individuals find each other interesting.

Weather today in Cambridge, MA
Nerdy Interests

I am using Visual Studio.NET for most of my development these days.  I like the well integrated functionalities offered by this IDE such as help features, documentation, debugging, etc.


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